Jul 07 2015

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Organizing Nut Drivers with a Length of Wire

I have a set of 14 Imperial and Metric nut drivers sitting in my tool chest that defy organization. After I line them up and put them in order, a few weeks of opening and closing the drawer results in a disorganized pile again. So, I was browsing the Garage Journal forums and I found a thread about organizing pliers. A picture in the thread gave me an idea about organizing the nut drivers in my toolbox.

In the picture, fflintstone was using a stretched out spring to hold wrenches. At first I thought this would be a good way to hold the shafts of the nut drivers, then I thought: “why not make a custom wire coil that’ll hold the handles of the screwdrivers instead?”

I grabbed some 10 gauge copper wire I had left over from another project and all the nut drivers and brought them into my shop. I looked for a piece of scrap wood a little narrower than the handles are long. Then I wrapped the wire around the wood to make the coiled holder. When I test fit the drivers, the coil worked better than I had expected! Since this holder was finished, I trimmed off the extra wire.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I didn’t haven enough 10 gauge wire to make another holder for the other 7 drivers, so I grabbed some 12 gauge wire and wrapped it around the block of wood to make another holder. I thought the 12 gauge wire wouldn’t be stiff enough, but it actually held the nut drivers just as well — and it was much easier to coil.

I grabbed the coiled holders with the nut drivers already inside and went back out to my toolbox in the garage – another pleasant surprise, the coil keeps all the nut drivers together. The two sets of nut drivers fit in the drawer perfectly. Also since the coiled wire held the drivers so firmly, I was able to turn all the drivers so I could read the size markings on the handles.



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