Jul 06 2015

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Filling a Finish Can with Marbles

Finish can filled back up with marbles

While I was talking to the guy at Woodcraft about how to make a better bathroom cup, I also talked to him about why I had such bad luck with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal in the past. One thing he said I could try was to make sure I got all the air out of the can after I used it. Either I could buy some Bloxygen or I could fill up the can with marbles until I got rid of all the air. So after I finished using the Arm-R-Seal for the bathroom cup, to preserve the finish, I needed to remove the air.

So today I went to the dollar store and grabbed a $1 bag of marbles. I didn’t trust that they would be clean, so before I dropped them into the finish I washed them with soap and water and dried them. Then I opened the can and proceeded to drop marbles in until the finish level came up to the lip. I really didn’t find a good way to drop the marbles into the can without some finish plopping back out of the can. Maybe I cold have rolled them down a paint stick.

If you look closely at the above picture you can see some round shapes on the bottom of the can.

Dollar Store Marbles

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