Jun 11 2015

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Down Draft Table

When I wrote the post for ToolGuyd — Project: Making a T-Track Table Top on a Budget, a commenter said he wanted more information about my down draft table. Turns out I never posted the project here. I built this several years ago so the assembly pictures are from then and the assembled pictures were taken recently.

The pictures really say it all, but I have a few extra comments:

  • The switch on the front turns on the blower and the outlets on the front, so you can’t turn on the tool plugged int unless the blower is on. 
  • The nozzle on the left and the small hole on the right are from when I was trying to seal all the joints, I had a homemade water manometer measuring the pressure drop.
  • I use two filters, a coarse throwaway filter to catch all the bigger debris and a fine one so I’m not blowing dust out the blower.
  • I really need a cover over the blower outlet. I kicked the blower once and not only did it hurt my foot, but I dented some of the vanes.

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