Apr 10 2012

Homemade Dowel Cutter

A few weeks ago, over on G+ Matt Ricketts posted a dowel cutter he made. This was a timely post for me because I was looking to make a few purple heartwood dowels for a toy car I’m in the process of finishing. His dowel cutter was a series of holes drilled …

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Apr 04 2012

Finishing Turntable

In a recent issue of the Highland Woodturner, Curtis Turner (what are the odds?) showed how to make a simple spray painting turntable out of MDF and some dowels. I thought, “hmm, that would beat the heck out of some nails pounded into a board that I usually end …

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Apr 02 2012

Toothbrush Holder

We needed a new toothbrush holder. Our old one, a clear plastic tube with duckies floating in a mysterious blue liquid, was leaking. Also with it’s tiny holes, it just couldn’t hold the thicker handle toothbrushes that my children use sometimes use. I thought, “I could actually make a something useful on …

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Mar 28 2012

My First Bowl

A few weeks ago, I turned my first bowl. I wanted to make something on my new mini-lathe, so I found a slab of walnut in my wood stash and decided to make a bowl. I did some things right, some things wrong, and learned a lot about turning in the process. …

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Mar 24 2012

My Daughter and I Built Another Birdhouse

I had some shop time alone with my daughter yesterday and she wanted to build something. I told her she could use any materials I had in my shop, not just the scrap pieces I usually let her use, if she drew up plans for what she wanted to build. She decided …

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Mar 22 2012

Fixing a Burgled Birdhouse

This last week, I finally got around to fixing the hole some critter (most likely a squirrel) ate into the birdhouse my daughter and I built a few years ago. I just got sick of looking at it sitting empty. Since I nailed and glued the front of the house in place, …

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Mar 20 2012

First Lathe Project: Toy Tree

My son’s wooden train set came with some lame 2-dimensional trees cut out of flat stock. I thought now that I have a lathe, I could make a much more aesthetic tree. I came up with the idea for the simple project after experimenting with the different tools on some scrap wood. …

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Mar 13 2012

Tablet Stand

I made a permanent mount in the kitchen for my Android tablet a few months ago, but most of the time the tablet doesn’t live there. I find myself using it a lot around the rest of the house, strangely enough even when I’m at the computer where desk space is at …

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Mar 12 2012

Excelsior Mini-Lathe Walk-Through

I thought I’d post a slide show showing some different views of the Excelsior mini-lathe I recently bought, in case other people are interested in purchasing one. Also I thought I’d share some of the specs from the Rockler page and some I figured out on my own. From the page: Powerful …

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Mar 08 2012

Magnetic Saw Guide

Last month, I watched an excellent video by David Barron called “Hand cut dovetails made easy.” His whole technique was excellent and it was easily the best demonstration for cutting dovetails I’ve seen yet — it made me feel like a hack for posting my dovetail …

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