Dec 14 2015

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X-Carve Series Preview


The weekend of Black Friday I took the plunge and purchased an X-Carve. They were having a promotion where you got $100 off the X-Carve and when you completed the purchase you got a $50 gift card to Inventables.com.

It seems like Inventables has been giving away X-Carves to everybody with a blog or YouTube channel. There’s a chance that with the kind of pull Stuart has over on ToolGuyd, he may have able to swing a sample for me, but I really didn’t want to ask. Also if you read my “about” page, apparently I don’t accept products for review. Okay I’m going to have to modify that a bit, because that’s what I’ve been doing for ToolGuyd lately. On this blog I’m still going to stick to the no accepting products for review policy.

It seems that every blog and video I’ve read or seen about the X-Carve has been done by somebody who has received one for free. So by purchasing my own and trying to save money where I can, I can give you a more realistic experience of what purchasing one is like and the problems I face because of the choices I made when configuring my X-Carve.

So I’m going to chronicle the assembly of the X-Carve. Rather than long boring multi-topic posts, I’m going to keep the posts to short single topic digestible pieces. For example, in the next post I’ll explain how I configured the X-Carve and why I made the decisions I did.

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