Sep 12 2012

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Planning A New Table Saw Cart

My old table saw cart

I’ve recently discovered the joys of having all of a tool’s accessories within reach of the tool. In between projects, I’ve been slowly reorganizing my shop so I don’t have to walk across the shop three times to perform a simple task. My latest focus has been my table saw, it currently sits atop a quickly thrown together cart with no storage and no way to contain the sawdust. Its strange shape stems from building it to hold both my table saw and my old router table, but I never got around to mounting the router table. Besides that router table is long gone.

Now it’s finally time to plan for a new cart, so I’ve been scouring the internet for ideas. I’m going to loosely base my design around a cart I found from ShopNotes Magazine that has flip down side wings and extendable rear supports. I think I’d like to incorporate at least the rear supports if not one of the extension wings into my design.

As for construction, I plan on using the same pocket screw and panel design that Steve Ramsey did for his router table cabinet. Simple, light, and really cheap.

Here are some of my other design goals:

  • The table height should be the same as my workbench height so I can use it as an out feed table
  • Needs a semi-sealed compartment below the saw to collect the sawdust, possibly a dust collector connection
  • Needs room to store my miter gauge, miter sled, insert plates, blades, and tools
  • It should fit under my side tables for storage

If this cart works out well I might built a cabinet for my bench top router table that  would integrate into the table saw cart (yet be detachable) for even more more table surface.

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  1. jeff_williams

    With side wings will it limit your fence? I didn’t have enough width on my portable saw so I went to a hybrid saw (R4512) and built the router table into the top. No room on board for all the sleds and jigs though. Outfeed to a work bench.

    1. benjamen

      “With side wings will it limit your fence?”

      I’m only really considering making a wing for the left side of the table, the rip capacity of the fence is only about 23″ — I’ve never had a problem with not enough table on the right side (OK, I have wanted to rip wider than my fence allows though). In the ShopNotes stand, they’ve removed the stock fence and have made their own fence on the right wing for wider ripping. I’m not so sure about that solution because you’d have to not only set the distance of the blade, but make sure the fence it exactly parallel with it every time you moved the fence.

      So, if I made extension wings like the ones in the ShopNotes picture, yes it would limit the fence travel. I’ve thought of two solutions: make the wing narrower than the fence rails or cut notches into the wing so the fence rails would have room to travel.

  2. Joel

    Ben, I see that you made an auxilary fence for your DW744 table saw. I couldn’t find any articles on your site related to that. I have the saw saw and want some inspiration for an auxilary fence. My primary conundrum is how to attach the auxilary fence to the stock fence. Did you have to drill holes?Can you send pictures or point me at any tips? Also posting to this thread may not be the best way to contact you but the Contact page on your site just spits out some HTML instead of a Contact form 🙁

    Many thanks in advance.


    1. benjamen

      Joel, here is the article: http://workshop.electronsmith.com/content/fixing-the-bow-in-my-table-saw-fence/
      I’ve used the fence for a few years and it has worked well.

      I’ll have to look at my contact page, thanks for the heads up.

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