May 19 2016

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How To Not Lose Your INKZALL Marker

Hanging the Milwaukee Inkzall from a magnetic strip

I’m really bad about organizing my tools as I use them. I’ll grab a tool from the place it lives, then just leave it where I last used it. Five minutes later I’ll spend ten minutes trying to find where I left the tool.

As I’ve been re-organizing my shop I’ve tried to actually plan out the tool storage rather than just throw tools where they fit. My most used tools either go in the overhead storage rack above my bench or in the rolling drawers under my desk.Hole in the Milwaukee Inkzall Cap

I was trying to figure out how to store my new favorite Sharpie, the Milwaukee INKZALLnearby always in reach, when I noticed it had a little trapezoidal hole in the cap. I thought if I could glue something metal in there I could stick it up on one of the magnetic tool holders above the bench and always replace it there after using it.

I found a small nut that when jammed into the trapezoidal hole didn’t even need to be glued. The best part is it’s totally reversible, I can pull the nut out of the cap and use it on another cap. Or I could just reuse the cap on a new marker.

Hole in the Milwaukee Inkzall Cap filled with nut

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