May 31 2011

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Cube within a Cube


The other day I found a cool Instructable written by sabladask describing how to make a cube within a cube within a cube. I’ve seen wooden object inside on an object pieces carved before, but this concept was so simple I had to try it out. All you do is drill in the center of the six faces of a cube until the holes overlap. To make more than one trapped cube you just drill smaller diameter holes in the faces of the smaller cube. Then you cut cubes free the rest of the way with a knife.

Rather than try go for the cube in a cube in a cube right away, I just wanted to try making a cube within a cube. I cut a 1-1/2″ cube out of some scrap square red oak stock. I found the center of one side then setup my drill press fence and stop to match so that I didn’t need to find the center of the other sides. Using a 1″ Forstner bit, I incrementally drilled two sides until the holes met. Then I set the depth stop and drilled all six holes.

Rather than using a knife to cut out the inner cube, I cut off the pins on one end of a coping saw blade; I found this to be much faster.


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