Aug 12 2011

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Notes From the Workshop: 20110812

Welcome Readers from Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Steve Ramsey from Wooldworking for Mere mortals featured my router table on his site as part of his Router Week. I’ve definitely seen an up-tick in traffic due to being mentioned on the popular site. If you haven’t already discovered his site, I would definitely recommend putting aside a few hours to watch as many of his videos as you can handle.

Site Problems

When I posted my last story: Repairing a Recalled Step Stool, I tried a new way of displaying a project. I still haven’t perfected this, in fact while fiddling around trying to get it to look nice, I accidentally broke some other parts of the site. Specifically some of the pictures in other posts blew up to twice their size and threw off the whole layout. I didn’t notice this until this afternoon, but I promptly fixed it. Sorry about that.


Last week I gained my 100th follower on Twitter for my woodworking account (@benjamenjohnson), only to lose three other followers. Still it was a milestone for me I’d like to thank everybody that follows me and don’t hesitate to say hi.

Coming up

I have a back log of projects that I’d like to post, but it’s a balance between posting to the site and working in my shop. Some of the project I plan on posting soon are more yo-yo antics, a new Instructable for router dust collection, flexible wooden train track, and a new fence and hold down system for my miter saw.

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