Jan 30 2015

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My Son’s Scrap Bin Imperial Shuttle

Isaac's Wooden Imperial ShuttleMy kids love my shop. I’ve always told them they can use any materials they want as long as they give me a drawing of what they want to do. My scrap bin is the exception, they can dig through it and use anything they find without asking. So of course that is their favorite thing to do.

I was cleaning up my shop while my kids were playing and I stopped to look at what they were working on. My son had built three different spaceships that he wanted me to glue together. I was pretty impressed that he was able to take random scraps and build pretty realistic looking ships. So I told him to pick one and we would glue that one.

Trying to clamp three angled pieces of wood together

Now I had the hard job of figuring out how to glue all these angled pieces together. You can’t just put a clamp on the tip of the triangle because that will cause the base to rock away from the other piece of wood. For the front and top triangles I was able get away with the single clamp because I used my pin nailer to tack the narrow end of the triangles. For the larger trapezoids I tried several different methods, until I used my vise to stop the clamps from sliding and clamping the other clamp to the vise so it wouldn’t slip. In hindsight I probable could have used my finish nailer to toenail the scraps together, but it wasn’t in the shop.

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